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What exactly is Homes for Sale? is a website designed to help both home sellers and home buyers. The site includes a database of local realtors, as well as free online listings of homes for sale within your local area.

In the article, I described a home that recently sold. This home was fully furnished, with a brand-new deck, hardwood flooring throughout, and was presented to the seller by our company. The seller had lived in the home for several years, selling it only a few months before we contacted them. The seller was happy to have someone from our firm walk through the front door, and even paid us a personal visit to personally inspect the home. Homes For Sale includes a full directory of homes for sale, complete with photographs and floor plans. . Homes in this region generally do fetch a premium, especially when customizing.

Several months prior to listing the home on the website, the seller gave an offer to a realtor from our company. The price was about one third lower than the previous year's sales of the same home, and she indicated an interest in keeping the home for just a little longer. She mentioned that she was hoping to obtain a low mortgage rate, perhaps around 3%, to offset some of the appreciation of the house over the years. This was the first she had heard of interest in refinancing, and she was eager to find out more about it. We asked if she planned to include a new roof on the home or add a garage, and she said she did not plan to either.

When the realtor learned that we intended to add a bonus room to the home, she became excited but concerned. She had already seen many homes with extra bedrooms and baths installed without updating the kitchen or adding any kind of heating system. "That can be expensive," she said. "And I don't have much wood." Homes for sale that are on the market for a long period of time usually do not come with a brand-new bonus room. A bonus room may cost several thousand dollars to install, depending upon the size and complexity of the addition, the seller's skill level, and whether she chooses to hire a contractor. To understand the real estate industry better, read more on this site.

Another thing that we learned about the neighborhood was that many of the homes for sale had a swimming pool, which was nice, but somewhat out of reach. The seller told us she had a pond, but it was in need of some refinishing. This gave us an idea of what she was willing to consider for landscaping in front of the house. Homes for sale that are centrally located near shopping areas, resorts, restaurants, parks, and other shopping attractions will generally have a lot more space to landscaped than a home for sale on the outskirts of town, where it might not be possible to put a pond or a pool, for example.

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